2021-05-12 Santiago
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For a Chilean consulting company, we are looking for Front-end Developer with experience in React, to join teams that serve one of their clients in the US.

The Engineering team believes in:
- Reducing scope: the best way to ship more stuff is to ship less!
- Shipping early: getting feedback as early as possible even if the project/feature isn’t 100% there
- Iterating and improving: once you got the feedback and there is a need for it, go back and improve the v1
- Taking ownership: owning the code you shipped as you are the expert and knows best
- Driving revenue: at the end of the day we are here to make the company a successful business.

Primary responsibilities:
- Work closely with Back-end Engineering, Product, and Design teams to create new user-interfacing features and internal tools.
- Improve front-end tooling, and best practices for front-end development. They are still a relatively small team, they need people with opinions that want to make a change.
- Support a SaaS based customer-facing product.
- See a product from conception to market. Working closely with product and contributing to the feedback loop is a key for this role.

The qualifications we're looking for in a candidate:
- You are passionate about delivering value to customers by building Javascript applications.
- You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and help maintain and migrate some of our Ember code baselines. We are gradually moving from Ember to React.
- You understand and leverage application state management libraries/patterns such as Recoil and Redux.
- It is always a plus if you bring some hands-on backend experience with Node/Python/Ruby or other high-level scripting languages or frameworks.
- Experience mentoring others, including code review. You love to contribute your knowledge and you know this is how good teams become great.
- Have worked in a fast-paced startup environment. You understand the business side and that coding is just one part of a successful business.
- Good communication skills in English (both verbal and written).
- Have the necessary conditions to work remotely.

EEO Statement (from the customer in the US):
The customer is committed to building a workplace that attracts humans of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, statuses, and lifestyles. At their core, they care about their people and encourage every employee, partner, and applicant to share their whole self with us. They are respectful of and empathetic towards different viewpoints and believe that their ability to help short-term rental managers succeed relies on us building a dynamic and diverse team.

The offer:
- The work is remote, full-time
- If you are in Chile, permanent contract. In the other countries it will be a service contract against fees
- Candidate's local business hours with flexibility to coordinate with offices in Chicago and San Francisco (today is GMT-5 and GMT-7, respectively)

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