2021-05-13 Santiago
hace 30 dias Full-time


Senior Data Engineer
Web API usage (JSON and HTTP request as a data source)
SQL Server (creation of complex queries to preprocess the data for Power BI)
UX in Power BI (templates, styling, good practices for a smooth experience)
Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service and Power BI Mobile
Communicate efficiently analytical results to business
Software Version Control (Git) and SharePoint as a source control
Capabilities to get involved into the business process related to the problem to solve, developing and understanding in order to promote ideas to the team
Communication skills to explain technical insights
Develop reports in Power BI, according to our clients requirements. These reports should handle complex business rules and be intuitive for the final users. Also, the reports should be able to connect to multiple data sources in different technologies. Daily meetings with the product owners are needed to develop and understand these reports, therefore, it’s needed good communications skills to be able to understand what the business need and also to explain in an easy way technical topics to non-technical people. It’s really important a proactive attitude and auto-learning skills, because of the nature of the project and the team interactions.


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